Monday, August 4, 2008

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Rubrics and other info about Project:
The 411:
You will deliver all assignments via email. Send to There are 2 assignments in this unit. Please look at Rubrics BEFORE you begin them. Here is a check list of what I should recieve from you when everything is complete.
Assignment 1: 2 Character Map Worksheets
  • Charcter Map 1: Eeyore
  • Character Map 2: Tigger

Assignment 2: 2 Separate PowerPoint Presentations.

  • 1 Rough draft PPT (approximately 3 slides)
  • 1 Final PPT (approximately 3 slides)

Rubrics: Look over these before, during, and after assignments 1 and 2.

Read this document on Scribd: rubrics 1 and 2

REVIEW: Before you start Assignment 1, click on the links below to review some terms used in this unit.
Winnie the Pooh : Famous bear who balances out his friends
Tigger : Happy go lucky 'Tigger' who is bouncy-bouncy-bouncy
Eeyore: Gloomy gray donkey who is always losing his tail
Personality Traits: See what Wikipedia has to say about this commonly used phrase

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