Monday, June 30, 2008

There are No Mistakes in Ms.G's Class

Students who have had Ms. Giunta as an art teacher, know I don't believe in mistakes. Anything you put on paper can be altered, expanded, enhanced and 'tricked out' to become something else. Mistakes do not exist in my class. All ideas, thoughts, writing, songs, paintings, dances that we bring to the world are meant to be there. If they are not perfection the first time that is normal and only a way for Ms. G to see what her student's need to get there.

Ms. G's ESL and Art students know that she will sit there with you tirelessly and make you work from that mistake. She has had many students curse at her, yell at her, and sigh very loudly in her face when she asks them to 'build' on their work. Those same students often end her course very satisfied because they know that to create something really special, whether its an essay or a piece of art takes time, thought and lots of revision and editing.

Therefore the name of her teaching blog, "There are no mistakes in Ms. G's class" is also her mantra which her students know very well.